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Including the endangered Karner blue butterfly
5:37 AM | мая. 26, 2017
The cool, north side harbors a boreal forest of white and red pine, paper birch, white oak, red maple and large-toothed aspen — a collection of trees typically found about 100 miles north. The drier southern side of the mound is home to jack pine and oak plus prairie flowers such as goldenrod — a forest community more common 100 miles south.The overlook trail is not marked very well, but it's hard to get lost when you're on top of a mound. I had it all to myself as I first hiked northwest, squeezing around massive sandstone boulders and towering, layered rock formations.As the last glacier retreated from Wisconsin, it left the soft Cambrian sandstone here exposed to weathering and erosion. That created dramatic buttes, hills and castellated bluffs like Castle Mound.The rest of the forest is home to a variety of wildlife including the endangered Karner blue butterfly, wolves and elk, which were reintroduced to the area in 2015 and 2016 after a more than 125-year absence.You probably won't see any elk at Castle Mound, with its location close to the highway and a popular campground.

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