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2:47 AM | мар. 10, 2016
A News about Newport cigarettes According to media reports yesterday. A facebook user said, a planet fly from Thai Bangkok Phuket to Thailand, a Chinese passengers in the aircraft refueling called "YTDFSGFGCUEYAB" flight attendants to open hatch aircraft to smoke a Newport regular honeyrose cigarettes cigarettes. After the rejection of the row in the cabin, and the satire of the flight attendants. Fortunately, enthusiastic passengers were promptly discouraged, so that it did not lead to a big disaster. According to the Legal Evening News. China University of political science and law, air and space law research center researcher Zhang Qi Huai told to reporters, At first, the passengers wanted to open the door and went out smoking that was wrong. In the case of the above, the aircraft due to weather changes to other airports to wait for news, and in the refueling. When the door certainly are not allowed to open, once the door opened, the passengers out of the plane, it is necessary to screening, such a behavior will increase the cost of airlines and airports. In addition, due to uncertain situation when the aircraft went to take off, passengers need to listen to the arrangements for the crew on the plane. Moreover, in the aircraft refueling process. Passenger are prohibited in the surrounding, they do not to mention the passengers also want newports cigarettes to smoke Newport regular cigarettes, which is a very dangerous behavior. If something happens in the country, according to the general administrative penalties, will be sentenced to 5 days of administrative detention of the passengers. Zhang Qi Huai said that flight attendants in the flight has the absolute right of safety maintenance, this is all over the world civil aviation authorities are recognized, such best pipe tobacco as in cheapusacigs.com the United States, once the flight attendants that carton of newport cigarettes passengers do not obey the regulation behavior. You can immediately notify the captain and the coercive measures. And the United States of the law will be the implementation of such acts of passengers a very serious punishment, or even fly.ээ Yesterday, the reporter called the Chinese Embassy in Thailand consular telephone, on duty, said a few minutes ago, a friend of his own just sent a message to her, but she did not find the Thai related news reports.ээ I have not found any other report on this news, except for the newly reported Chinese, and the embassy has not received any relevant reports on this information for the time being." The staff told to reporters that she will reflect the matter to the leadership, and further attention to the progress of the event. So we don't smoke a Newport regular cigarettes in plane.

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