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Custom Detroit Red Wings Jersey the game
9:49 AM | дек. 26, 2017
Manchester United guest challenge Leicester City, the first backward 2 ball reversal, but the opponent Custom Cleveland Indians Jersey in the 94th minute countdown equalizer, 3 points into 1 minute, the final two 2-2 shake hands. After the game, Manchester United coach Jose Mourinho criticized the performance of the players, he believes the game should win, but because of mistakes and paid the price. Manchester United first half missed 1 ball, but before the end of halftime Mata equalizer, the second half and free kick to complete the go-ahead. After the Red Custom Seattle Seahawks Jersey Devils have the opportunity to expand the lead, but Lin Jiade and Rushford have missed. The first 94 minutes, Henry - Maguire Qiangdian break, for one person to fight Leicester equalizer. And for such a result, apparently Mourinho is not satisfied. In a media interview after the match, Mike Mussina said: "We did not win because we missed the incredible chance and I would say that this is a funny waste of opportunity. It was a game that could be easily won but we have accumulated A lot of defensive mistakes I told the players at the break, when the score is 1-1, we can easily win Custom Detroit Red Wings Jersey the game, but the reality is 2-2. Sometimes you make mistakes, but you will not be punished. First in the League Cup was eliminated Bristol City, after the Leicester City in the league absolute peace, after a difficult Custom Seattle Seahawks Jersey week, how do you feel? Madman said: "I feel good.On the one hand, as a coach, I feel angry, but as a person I feel good and we were punished for our mistakes.This is an easy win, we have to Winning everything, but missed the opportunity to break.We are easily childish lost the ball, in their restricted area in the childish play, in our restricted area also showed very naive.We were punished by 2 points. " The Madman went on to say: "Half an hour after we hit the second goal, the game should end with 4-1, 5-1 or 6-1, but we did not just miss the opportunity and the players did not play at the last minute Ability to analyze the game, just watching Smolin fall into trouble, just like the presence of the same. "

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