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laserqp написал в блог burn powerful laser pen of blue light beam
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laserqp написал в блог potteroman love use laser pointer on party
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Имя: laserqp
Город: New York
День рождения: сен. 18, 1991 (26 лет)
Пол: Мужской
Сфера деятельности: Q: can I have a low-power laser from the dod pot burner?

NO.Don't even try, don't even think about it.Most pot MODS lead to low power consumption and low power.The only way it works is if you have enough time to burn the matches before he dies.I'm not saying you can't do this, people get 30 to 40 mw of hands of ordinary red laser pointer, I just tell you that you can't get high enough combustion.At any rate, be your own risk.
Подробней: http://www.kitlaser.com/is-it-possible-to-use-a-laser-pen-for-recreation.html
Q: did the fda decide to pass or not to let the laser?

The FDA is not allowed to be higher than the 5mW laser that has not been approved by the FDA.The approval from the FDA refers to having a power button, side lock key, and security shutter 2 seconds behind.It's important to note that when people order illegal lasers, I've never heard of being caught.Chances are slim, and it won't really affect a Dealextreme company, or even let you order them.
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